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Reducing Illiteracy in Ghana

One of the challenges is that many young children do not have access to basic education. The illiteracy rate in Ghana is still 26.7%

Many of the kindergartens and primary schools lack the proper infrastructure. Many schools don't have a building or the building is in such a badshape that it is too dangerous to use.


In spite of the progress that Ghana has made in improving access to school, several children cannot read or write. A large number of pupils struggle to meet the proficiency cut-off point for English and Mathematics between grades four and six.


HCG is supporting various schools to promote reading at an early grade. This is aimed at creating a strong foundation for later investments in education. When children learn to read at an early age, the number of children who progress from kindergarten to primary to secondary school is likely to increase, repetitions and drop-out rates are likely to fall and children develop a stronger i…